Our Story

About IF Tea Company
  Intermittent fasting changed how I live my life. Being a cynical person, I never thought I’d be the one to say that about any “diet” or regiment. I’ve always been a person that has struggled with regulating my weight, over eating and over indulging literally feeling like a food addiction some times. I tried a lot of food restricting diets (Atkins, Keto, etc. ) and they worked great but it made it tough to enjoy life always worrying about restricting food - what I'm allowed to eat and what I'm not allowed to eat. I constantly had to make the choice of sticking to my diet or enjoying my life. With intermittent fasting, the idea of time restricted eating instead of food restricted eating was a huge discovery for me - it matched what I needed perfectly.

Intermittent Fasting Tea Powder

Since discovering and following an intermittent fasting plan, I’ve been able to lose and maintain the weight I want, while at the same time, not feeling like I’ve fallen completely off the wagon after weekend drinks, big dinners or shamelessly eating a whole pizza. However, getting to the fasting/eating schedule I’m on now was a tough road. There were lots of hunger pangs, cravings for food and lots and lots of black coffee. I didn’t like the way I felt after 3-4 cups of black coffee and regular tea wasn’t doing enough for me - every tea designed for fasting had one or two ingredients and very little of it. I decided to make my own "intermittent fasting tea” by researching the best natural ingredients to suppress appetite and blending them together in one jumbo oversized tea bag. It immediately became my substitute for 3 of my 4 cups of coffee. It gave me energy and took away my hunger while also giving me a feeling of overall mental clarity, relaxation and focus. Fasting longer became a lot easier and I lost any desire to over eat or snack needlessly when the opportunity came up.

After a year of making it for friends and family, receiving positive feedback and seeing that it was helping others, I decided to start IF Tea Company and hopefully help others achieve their goals.